Umpqua Oats Variety Pack Super Premium Oatmeal, 12-Count

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Our gourmet oatmeal is a favorite of adults and kids! We use custom-milled whole rolled groats, high quality fruits and nuts, and unique flavors to create premium oatmeal. Groats are the whole hulled grain, which include the cereal germ and fiber-rich bran portion as well as the endosperm, which is the usual product of milling. What does that mean? You are getting a larger, thicker, unbleached, whole oat that is not processed into “instant” oats. Bottom line? Our oatmeal is not soft and mushy! Umpqua Oats are a breakfast favorite but we think they can be enjoyed any time of the day! We created our oatmeal to be fun, fast and convenient, without losing any of the healthfulness.